11 Charming Czech Towns To Visit In Texas

Bluebonnet Field

Czexans, or Czech Texans, settled Texas as early as the 1820s. Josef Lidumil Lesikar helped colonize the state, bringing two groups of about 160 Czechs to Texas in 1851 and 1853 through the port of Galveston. Known as the Father of Czech Immigration to Texas, Reverend Josef Arosy Bergman settled in Texas then wrote letters…

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13 Fabulous Restaurants To Try In Palm Springs, California

View of Palm Springs

Known for star-studded history and Mid-century Modern architecture, the sun-fueled mecca of Palm Springs boasts plenty of restaurant hot spots for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. Many serve cocktails and hip cuisine on picturesque outdoor patios (with reservations recommended for evenings and weekends.) I have chosen 13 of my favorite restaurants hosting a variety of creative…

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15 Lesser-Known Towns Around The World Our Writers Love

Lost Coast Headlands Louisa Roberts

Our globetrotting writers have been around the world, so they are familiar with some of its nooks and crannies. We asked TravelAwaits writers to share their favorite lesser-known towns. From the “Sedona of Mexico” to the top place to stand-up paddleboard in Canada — here are their favorite places to go that are off the beaten path.…

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